Services Offered

Besides our wide and comprehensive range of products, we we also provide a wide variety of services.
Although these services have traditionally been mainly for the end user and installer, we believe the real value of our services is to the trade, beginning with; the Asset owner, Developer and Architect through to the engineer, QS, Interior designer and land scapers, through to Manufaturers and the installer.

Repairs, Maintenance & Servicing.

We regard our biggest strength to be our technical back-up and support for the products we provide. Whereas our pricing is as competitive as possible it is really our services that are of real value when you purchase our products.

We have a comprehensive workshop and technical staff that will comfortably provide the services above and give you the peace of mind that you have invested your money well!!

Spares & Back up

Another strength of the products is the availability of spares and technical back up, that coupled with the technical expertise and support from Morne makes your investment a life long security!!

Installations & New work

Satellite installations, Home Entertainment, Audio, Public Address, CCTV and Cell phone extenders!!

Project Management

Our unique complement of staff and our closeness to the installer allows us to provide a competent service of Project Management for our clients. No project is to big or to small. Our technical expertise will allow us to ensure all the correct procedures and Quality workmanship is maintained on time
Some of our clients to date are Daimler Chrysler, Public Works Dept, Buffalo City Municipality, Amatohle Municipality, Eskom, Amathole Water, etc.

Errol, Generally looks after this Department but all the relavent staff are involved where required!


Likewise, our technical expertise and experience in this industry does enable us to source and specify the right products and design the right system to accomplish any specific goal or task required